Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Visit To The Academy of Armored Forces Engineering of PLA (Photo by 文 存 Wen Cun)

The Academy of Armored Forces Engineering of PLA (装甲兵工程学院) was founded in 1961 to serve as the cradle of PLA’s Armor and Mechanized forces. Its 6700 Chinese acres campus is located at the bank of Lugouqiao, a.k.a Marco Polo Bridge in Beijing.

The academy offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees for command and engineering officers from both home and aboard. It is also staffed for doctrinal developments and other tactical research projects.

For a more detailed write up about the college, here is an article from People's daily (Here) and the college's own website (Here) (Here) CCTV also did a documentary on the academy back in June 17, 2008 (Here)

Front Gate

Colleg's Anthem

Tank 215 on display at the front gate, (see my post on the 2nd Armor Division)

Main Admin Buildings.

One of the lecture halls

Tank Park with Red Epaulet Cadets

The academy has very single types of AFV in service with the PLA, including the state-of-the-art Type99.

There are a total of seven proven grounds inside the academy to simulate most of the terrain PLA armor force would encounter.

Student dormitories and other buildings.


control valves said...

Very fine engineering on those buildings.

Unknown said...

I had been their in 2007-2008 to study electrical engineering .Very nice academy and missing those days.........

Soldure Musafer said...

I had been their in 2008-2009 to study Chasses and Engin engineering .It was Very nice academy with everything that a student need for and I m missing those days.........

Unknown said...

hv remained a student of this academy in 2007/08. awesome time and fantastic learning

Anonymous said...

i've been attended the Pre-commander cources at August,2004 to December. I want to contact with my classmate and some photo of our attending. I'm Captain Myo Kyawswar from Myanmar Army. At that time, i be Lieutenant.