Monday, July 04, 2011

123 AF-31FN engines ordered by China

The continuation of AL-31FN import could be interpreted a number of ways, ranging from the indigenous WS-10A turbofan is not primetime ready, J-10A’s production schedule is too tight to allow deviations, to the reservation of all WS-10As for J-11's production runs.

At any rate, this article is a nice supplement to Gabe Collins and Andrew Erickson's “Jet Engine Development in China” deep dive posted a few days ago. (here)

China Signs $500 Million Russian Jet Engine Deal, Vedomosti Says
By Jack Jordan - Jul 3, 2011 10:07 PM PT

China’s Ministry of Defense signed a contract to buy Russian aircraft engines worth $500 million in early June, Vedomosti reported, citing an unidentified personsource close to Russia’s state arms-selling agency and an unidentified manager of an aviation company.

The contract is for 123 AL-31FN engines by 2013, the first 13 of which will be delivered later this year, the newspaper said.

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willytan1 said...

The Al-3iFN engine is specially designed for use on the J-10 by Salyut Co. Its gearbox has been relocated to the bottom of the engine. The WS-10A is now in service and is in series production to power the J-11 but the modified version for the J-10 is not yet ready.