Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heading out again?

Only a few weeks after PLAN's annual cruise off Okinawa, a large task force from the East Sea Fleet is spotted traveling out to sea.    The single file is leaded by DDG 170 and flanked by a number of Type 022 Houbei class FACs. Not sure why they are bringing everything including the kitchen this time, but I am sure the PLA Daily will provide us with a reasonable explanation in no time.

Photo credit goes to HSH---GMDOS、北风之神


anno said...

wow, this is like the entire fleet. Joint exercise with SSF in the south china sea?

plasticcard said...

china is a powerful country
i like prc and Indium

Zshu said...

Go China!show em" little midget CunTries,what u are made of!

geminif4ucorsair said...

Most likely related to base repair or other construction work, requiring access to piers and other facilities normally associated with ship when in-port.

In effect, they are transferring to whole Base Force and attached squadron(s) to another location, on a temporary basis.