Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just a bunch J-10 Photos

 Standard AA armament layout,  PL8+PL11
 5th J-10B (1035) Prototype powered by WS-10A

 Land Based, Navalized, J-10AH


Rick Joe said...

Forgot to mention J-10B is equipped with FREAKING WS-10A!!! :D

Coatepeque said...

thanks, blog updated

Zshu said...

it tells us that ws-10 is matured and in mass production.
still figuring what is j-20 engine?

Cocidius said...

The photos of the latest J-10B look less like a prototype and more like either a LRIP or first production run fighter.

The fit and finish is first rate with a revised and updated radome and now functional IRST standing out from the earlier J-10B's.

Good catch on the WS-10!