Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In the meanwhile: Chinese peacekeepers to South Sudan show martial arts

Really, seriously?

Shouldn't you peacekeepers be out there.... say... looking for those kidnapped Chinese workers?

Chinese peacekeepers to South Sudan show martial arts

(Source: Chinanews) 2012-01-29

  On the afternoon of January 25, 2012, local time, in the campsite of the first Chinese peacekeeping engineering contingent to the Republic of South Sudan, the guards of the first Chinese peacekeeping engineering contingent showed their superb martial arts, including wrestling, Shaolin kungfu, hard qigong and etc. to the officials of the theater headquarter of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and the officers and men of the Kenyan protection battalion and Indian reserve company.

  The show officially started at five o’clock in the afternoon. Seven military sports subjects including sanda, capturing the enemy and arresting the enemy were performed one by one by over 40 officers and men, followed by traditional martial arts such as Tai Ji, Shaolin spear, Arhat stick and shepherd whip.

  At the end of the show, four officers and men performed hard qigong arts including breaking steel plate with head, stabbing two spears into throat, breaking bricks with a single hand and others in succession.

  The most matchless performance was “flying embroidery needle through glass”. Zhang Chuantan, a Shaolin boy, flung an embroidery needle and the needle pierced through the glass in the twinkling of an eye, puncturing the balloon behind the glass. Foreign military officers and men were all staring in amazement.

  “They show us the perfect skills of Chinese guards. I believe they are fully capable of fulfilling the security guard mission!” said Gibgot, commander of the Kenyan protection battalion that used to undertake periphery security guard missions for Chinese peacekeeping force.

  According to Wang Zhonghua, commander of the first Chinese peacekeeping engineering contingent to South Sudan, since January 12 when they were deployed in the mission area, considering that security conditions of the construction site are hard to predict and various threats are all possible to occur at any time, they have organized the guard detachment to conduct military subject trainings such as guard coordination in maneuver, armed protection during engineering operation and handling attacks, as well as an joint drill with the Kenyan protection troops.

  By Xia Along

Editor:Cui Xinwen

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Unknown said...

Forces are always ought to make shows for officials, alas! May be that's why they often just perform when they need to act or react...