Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making dumplings at the Changxing Shipyard.

As two more (appear to be) 052C Luyang II DDG in Changxing Shipyard spotted under construction, it is nice to have franco-russe around to help us keeping track of the progress.

they are launched at roughly six-month intervals:

Hull 3 28.11.10
Hull 4 20.07.11
Hull 5 16.10.11

The hull to the left in Hall 1 has almost certainly no superstructure, so that would be Hull 7, while the one to the right (seen before) is Hull 6.

uesday, May 31, 2011

Type 052C Class Destroyer hull number 5 and 6?

Your guess is as good as mine -- latest photos from Shanghai's Changxing Shipyard.

Hull number 3

 Hull number 4

number 5?

number 6?

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