Saturday, December 22, 2012

Photo of the day: Type 052D LUYANG III-Class DDG's mid-section VLS revealed

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Type 052D LUYANG III-Class DDG, what we do know so far

There are two under construction -- they are sporting a new 130mm main gun and a set of much larger radar arrays

According to people who have seen the ship at HSH here are the observations.

1. Main mast is slightly different on the top, similar to 054A.
2. The space between the aft mast and aft VLS is still there, indicating no extended VLS area and probably still gonna have the two quad pack YJ62.
3. Nothing is installed on top of the hangar, indicating it'll be HQ10 not the deck penetrating 730.
4. Aft mast is the same so it's still the good ole 517 radar.

Here is a interesting diagram showing the main gun is moved forward by a little bit compare to the 052C, also shows how massive the new arrays are.

-- hmmwv

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Rick Joe said...

Pretty sure we had those pictures a few months ago.