Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Names of two pilots killed in Su-27 fighter crash released

Two pilots of the Air Force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) sacrificed themselves in a flight training on March 31, 2013 in Rongcheng, east China’s Shandong province, and their voices and appearance were released prior to the Tomb Sweeping Day which falls on April 4, 2013.
  The two pilots are Wu Yongming, deputy chief of staff of an aviation regiment under the PLA Air Force, and Yu Liang, head of a flight group of the aviation regiment under the PLA Air Force.

Wu Yongming, born in August 1977 and native of Luoyang of central China’s Henan province, a first-grade pilot who was awarded a second-class merit citation and a third-class merit citation.

Yu Liang, born in May 1980 and native of Pengzhou of southwest China’s Sichuan province, a first-grade pilot who was awarded three third-class merit citations and elected as an “Excellent Pilot in Air Battle” in November 2012.
  “Man's dearest possession is life, and the life for a young fighter pilot is invaluable. But beyond life is something much more valuable, that is, the loyalty and fearlessness of the PLA Air Force!” In the past few days, media and netizens at home and abroad have been paying close attention to the two young and excellent pilots and expressing their deep condolences on their death. Some websites spontaneously held memorial services to recall and salute the two pilots and offer condolences to their families.
  By Shen Jinke and Li Guangjun


Steven said...

Does anybody know the cause yet?

Meng-yuan said...

The PLAAF probably will not announce a cause for many months. Even when it does, the statement may be intentionally false.

There are some unverified witness accounts claiming the plane was suffering engine problems while attempting an emergency landing. This is plausible in that it explains why the pilots did not eject.