Tuesday, September 22, 2009

General Liang Guanglie, Defense Minister of China, interviewed.

General Liang Guanglie granted a rare interview with Xinhua recently and we get to see his office for the first time as the result. The entire interview is posted on Ministry of National Defense’s website in both Chinese and English (English) (Chinese).

Instead of reporting the interview “as it is”, some news outlets spanned it: From AP, the headline reads “China says military arsenal comparable with West” (here), from Boston.com "China says its arsenal compares to West’s" (here) and from Time 'China's arsenal matches that of the West, says Defence Minister" (here)

Actually, General Liang stated the following during his interview:

“After consistent efforts by scientists and researchers as well as China's improving industrial capacities, the PLA's arsenal has been equipped with all major weapon systems on the land, in the sea and air just like other major military powers.”

Through Assumption, there is a perception that all major military powers are located in the “West”. I am sure the Russian would disagree.

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Tao Dao Man said...

The Masters Of War, are global. Not just in the U.S. Eisenhower warned America. Now Someone has to notify the planet that we are on a path into the abyss.

kartist_man said...

the reporter is a pretty lady

Anonymous said...

At the rate China's military is upgrading, it will just be a matter of time before these westerners get extremely paranoid and possibly "piss" in their pants due to great fear.

big long impotent dick said...

0: im westerner.
1: i was shot in a war so i piss in my pants anyway.
2: i am paranoide already.
3: this bitch is not a reporter.
4: i dont care about this planet. it will be all very happier after humans massacred eachother.
5: Whats so wrong with his Dell network-station?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm sure Russian are completely depressed by his comments. Lighten up the hell up, you know what he means.

Unknown said...

very impressive man befitting the office he holds

shailesh mody