Monday, September 07, 2009

Chinese Missiles on display during Turkey's Victory Day Parade.

Despite the recent Sino-Turkey political fallout concerning the unrest in Xinjiang, imported Chinese missiles were prominently featured in this year's victory day parade. At the same time, Turkey also hosted the "Friends of Democratic Pakistan" meeting in which the Chinese government was invited. (here) There is something to be said about the civil-military relationship in many different countries -- sometimes they are clearly NOT on the same page. However, no one in the PRC is under the illusion that Turkey can continue its close military ties with China (overtly) if the Turkish public continues to press the Uyghur issue.

Sino-Turkey relations in regards to the Uyghur communities in Xinjiang is complex; for a good backgrounder, see Yitzhak Shichor's “Ethno-Diplomacy: The Uyghur Hitch in Sino-Turkish Relations” (Here)

Turkey marks Victory Day with military parades


ANKARA, Turkey -- The country celebrated Victory Day with military parades in Ankara and other big cities Sunday (August 30th). The largest parade was in Ankara, where about 8,000 military officers marched past President Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, General Staff chief Ilker Basbug and other senior officials. Warplanes flew overhead, while dozens of tanks and armoured vehicles rumbled past. Victory Day celebrates the Turkish army's win, under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, in the 1919-1922 Greek-Turkish war. The day also honours Turkish armed forces. (AFP, Anadolu news agency - 30/08/09)

WS-2 Long Range MRL (400mm Range)

B-6111 Heavy Long Range Rocket

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