Monday, December 12, 2011

Chinese navy may dock in Seychelles, other countries for supplies

Chinese navy may dock in Seychelles, other countries for supplies

(Source: Xinhua) 2011-12-12

  BEIJING, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- China said on Monday that its naval fleet may seek supplies or recuperate at appropriate harbors in Seychelles or other countries as needed during escort missions.

  It is international practice for naval fleets to resupply at the closest port of a nearby state during long-distance missions, the Ministry of National Defense said in a press release commenting on a recent report stating that China will establish a military base in Seychelles to crack down on piracy.

  Chinese naval fleets have resupplied at harbors in Djibouti, Oman and Yemen since the country sent its first convoy to the Gulf of Aden in 2008, according to the ministry

  Defense Minister Liang Guanglie paid an official goodwill visit to Seychelles earlier this month.

  During Liang's visit, the two sides exchanged views on their countries' and armies' cooperation, as well as on the global and regional situation.

  Seychelles appreciates China's efforts to maintain safe navigation on the Indian Ocean, as well as the support it has granted to Seychelles, the ministry said.

  Seychelles also invited China's navy to resupply and recuperate in the country during escort missions, the ministry said.

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