Monday, December 26, 2011

Photo of the day: Type59G in Tanzania

Speaking of ERA blocks.....could this be the ultimate edition of the old T54/55 family?

Thanks Imp for the photo.

Bangladesh Army also ordered 300.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bangladesh Army's New Type59G MBT

According to our friend, the Bangladesh Military Forum, (, the first public appearance of the long-expected Type 59G was reported by today's Channel-i news.

In essence, this latest Type59MBT variant is a Type 96G in a Type59 body modified to carry a 125mm main gun, a modern fire control system, and the latest Chinese armor protection package. A total of 300 examples of the Type59G will be rebuilt from the existing fleet.  In addition to the Type59G rebuild program, the Bangladesh army will procure the Type96 MBT in due course as part of a greater modernization drive.  Since both MBTs are sharing many common components, this will greatly reduce the load on the existing logistics infrastructure.

Here is a list of Chinese land forces hardware to be procured by the Bangladesh Army compiled by BMF.

* 7 x Type 96 MBTs (Not delivered yet, but eventually a couple of regiments)
* 5 x MBT ARV (Chinese, for MBT2000/Type 96 recovery)
* 300 x Type 59 MBT Upgrade (1 spotted at Dhaka; Army named them as "Type 59 G")
* 1 x SPH Regt (Chinese 122 or 155 mm SPH is expected)
* 1 x ADA Regiment (This complements another air defence regiment in BDA. Regiment is equivalent of brigade; Equipped with Chinese AAGs and MANPADS).


Profile for new Type 59G MBT at created with input from armoured corps officer, photo analysis and Chinese defense websites:

Including a couple of pictures, which might be interesting reference material.


Steven said...

It looks impressive but I have to wonder how the Type 59G would fare in a modern battlefield. Then again though when you look at it the T-72 was a modified T-54 and the T-90 is simply an improved T-72.

Coatepeque said...

Good question.

Chinese arms are involved in many African warzones, if combatants would take time to write a few postmoderns, it would make an interesting read. (if they are bothered with paperworks that is)

Christian Brotherhood said...

postmortem, not postmodern?