Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last of the J-7D decommissioned on Nov 27th 2011

The E and G variants are still going strong with the China Airforce and the China Naval Aviation as "second line" defenders.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

J-7 withdrawn from "front line" service.

This should comes as no surprise as the numbers of J-10 and Su-27/J-11 currently in service are sufficient to cover the slack. That said, it will be years before the current fleet of J-7s can be decommissioned. The J-7 is a short legged point-defense fighter, it should be used as such; deploy them in offensive roles against other 3rd and 4th generations fighters around China seems a bit risky.


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New J-7smell! Non-smoker. Very clean interior. Shows great! Aluminum wheels. Great tread! Actual miles. Low Mileage. One owner. Interested??

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Steven said...

This represents an end of an era for the PLAAF.While there were improvements from the J-7A/C era, at the end of the day the J-7D was just a MiG-21 a Chinese MiG-21. The J-7E was a major improvement to the old J-7 series.

PaTRICK said...

I was at Shantou during early Dec 2011 and was lucky to catch flights of J-7 (I noticed 2 types of the J-7s - 'P' & perhaps the 'MG') flying across the city into the landing pattern of Shantou Airport).