Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PR Photos of the day Type 726 Yuyi class landing craft, air cushion (LCAC) in action

Two amphibious dock landing ships Jinggangshan (Hull 999) and Kunlunshan (Hull 998), three Type 726 Yuyi class landing craft, air cushion (LCAC), and two Z-8 ship-borne helicopters advance in formation during a beach landing exercise at an undisclosed sea area in late March, 2017. They are attached to a landing ship flotilla of the South China Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy.  (81.cn/ Gan Jun)


Blueback said...

The Type 071 class LPD's are really nice looking ships. Great post, as usual for this site.

Have you seen the latest news coming out of China? There are reports that just came out today that the PLAN's first LHD is under construction. It's reported to be similar in size to the USN's Wasp class, around 40,000 tons. The PLAN and PLA MC clearly have huge ambitions, especially with the recent announcement that the PLA MC is being expanded to 100,000 troops. I expect we will see more announcements in the near future about additional Type 071's, Type 072A's and Zubr's being ordered in order to provide amphibious lift for all those additional marine units.

Keep up the good work!

Techno said...

En este ejercicio naval de la Armada China se están utilizando LCAC Type 726 de serie son los 3330, 3331, 3332 unidos a los tres prototipos 3320, 3321,3322 ya son seis los LCAC en servició pero seguro que en breve veremos mas.

Coatepeque said...


yes I have and the first LHD is not new per se. We all know it is forthcoming.