Saturday, July 14, 2018

Photo of the day: PLAN Marine's ZTQ15 105mm Light Tank

Finally the PLAN Marine has a tank of their own to fill a critical gap before becoming a true expeditionary force.   No, ZTD05 is an amphibious assault gun, not a real tank.

Marine smurf blue

ZTQ15 in army camo

PLAN Marine ZTD05 amphibious assault gun in their "deployment camo"

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Photos of the day: PLA Marine's amphibious assault breacher vehicle in action

PLAN Marine's Amphibious assault breacher vehicle, based on  ZBD05 Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle chassis firing obstacle-breaching rockets :

PR attempt aside, it is not nearly as impressive as her USMC counterpart -- they use a real tank for this breaching job.

Note to papa smurf, it is time to give those boys some real armor to work with.  Remember  IFV is not a tank and engineers make a world of difference.

Funny thing -- the PLA actually has large numbers MBT based assault breachers already in service.  Such as the GSL130/WZ6411 Armored Breeching Vehicle based on the  ZTZ79 chassis here:

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Non sequitur memes of the day: "Begun the blue smurf war has"


jason toms said...

Seeing the ZTQ15 reminds me that even the US army is suggesting to congress that they too need a light tank. Urban warfare issues is their excuse, I believe, but the Marines would be happy to have one as well.

ferdhi.adrian10 said...

any news about type-055 destroyer, I heard her size bigger than ticonderoga class cruiser, still confusing why classified into destroyer not cruiser instead..