Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Type 97 in Sci Fi

Tomorrow is the release date of JJ Abrams’s new Star Trek movie, so to answer your burning question of the century; when did Type97 rifle became the standard issue of Star Trek voyager?

The question (as proved by wtlh)

The assault rifles that the Kradin use are the AKU-94, a conversion of the AK-47 into a bullpup design, while the Vori use the Muzzelite MZ-14, a similar modification of the Mini-14 rifle. But it looked too much like the 97!

However, Type 97 is still preferred in Stargate and commander of the LTTE Tamil Tigers

Prabhakaran, leader of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and his captured Type 97


Anonymous said...

this is not colonel theepan with the type 97. Its prabhakaran, ltte leader.

Coatepeque said...

thanks for the correction. Will correct.

Anonymous said...

I must admit that that terrorist Prabhakaran looks pretty deadly holding that type 97.

Anonymous said...

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