Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Blue Rose" All-Female special equipment support team of the North Sea Fleet.

The naval policy that allows women to serve aboard submarines in China does not seem to generate as much news as that of the USN.   Then again, the PLA does not care for public debates regarding its policies.

This team of six is headed by Chen Li, a Naval Commander.


Jimmy said...

Since the PLAN sub fleet is primarily a diesel fleet, that means the diesel patrols are going to be relatively short. Thus placing a female team on a diesel sub is not as bad a problem as, say, a 4-6 month American nuclear patrol. Discipline is inversely proportional to time on patrol.

Plus, PLAN is doing it smart by placing a team of females, who work together. That helps compared to the American practice of individual assignment. [Although there is an informal "buddy" system, it's not as effective as a formal team structure.]

Anonymous said...

jimmy i think your over exaggerating 4-6 months? your supplies run out after 90 days. ssn do have longer endurance than ssk but not that much. stop dreaming buddy.

TLAM Strike said...

US SSBNs go on patrol for 3 months. If a submarine makes port calls it can be quite a bit longer, USS Haddo spent six months of a deployment visiting different US allies in the Pacific, with her normal operational duties she was at sea for 300 days that deployment.