Thursday, March 31, 2011

China's National Defense Whitepaper published.

Enjoy, and looks like pundits have already pushed forward with their opinions.  (here) (here) (here)

BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) -- The Information Office of China's State Council on Thursday issued a white paper titled "China's National Defense in 2010". Following is the full text of the document:
China's National Defense in 2010
Information Office of the State Council
The People's Republic of China
March 2011, Beijing
I. The Security Situation
II. National Defense Policy
III Modernization of the People's Liberation Army
IV. Deployment of the Armed Forces
V. National Defense Mobilization and Reserve Force Building
VI. Military Legal System
VII. Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense
VIII. Defense Expenditure
IX. Military Confidence-Building
X. Arms Control and Disarmament


Research data said...

From the report:
It strengthens the building of a new type of combat capability to win local wars in conditions of informationization, strengthens the composite development of mechanization and informationization with the latter as the leading factor, focuses informationization on raising its fighting capabilities based on information systems, and enhances the capabilities in fire power, mobility, protection, support and informationization.

The term "informationization" plumbs new depths of clarity.. :)

Coatepeque said...

"informationization" in its simplest form means IT and the utilization of the "network", that I believe.