Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Be Warmed: Shanzhai spirit is contagious

Photos of Vietnam People's Army showing off their latest PASGT helmet. Is me, or it looks like a shanzhai-ed old PLA type97?

PLA's old type 97, fashioned by infantry of the 123rd Mech Infantry Division, 41st Group Army, Guanzhou MR.


monica said...

The helmet cover is a copy of the old PLA style.
Here is a link:

Other then that, I can't tell where they get the helmet.

USSHelm said...

I thought the PLA switched over to the Type 97 assault rifle, and stopped using the AK-47 knockoff.

Coatepeque said...

The solider with a AK-47 is a member of the Vietnam People's army, not PLA. That is the point of my post -- the VPA is adopting a PLA look-alike uniform.

Justin said...

That's going to make thing confusing when the bullets start flying. In the bad old days of post-cultural revolution invasion of Vietnam (1979), PLA air defence shot down so many PLAAF MiGs that the pilots just said fuck it! if you're going to shoot us down coming back from a sortie we're not flying any more.

Anonymous said...

@ justin
no cause PLA use digital camo as standard now

@ usshelm. PLA don't use Type 97, Type 97 is 5.56 version of the 5.8 Type 95 but for export. The PLA use Type 95 as standard, Type 03 for border guards and some airborne corps, Type 81 used in reserves and initial training.