Monday, October 31, 2011

Communist Propaganda of the Day: Nice buns

The "China Army" invited a group of 260 foreign military attaché to observe an armor brigade assault yesterday (Oct 30th)(here) as part of a greater Vanguard 2011 military exercise.

If the goal of this open-house is to show case the new and transparent military, it is not working -- judging from those photos, the foreign military attachés seem to be paying more attention to those tasty pork buns than the dog-and-pony show on the battlefield.


Hammerchuckery said...

Damn. Now I'm hungry for some Siopao.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan should develop drone planes as a part of a new defense system against China:

Justin said...

@ Taiwanese.

The other NMA chick is way hotter... that segment sucked.

Howrah said...

Did they served char shiu bau(barbecue pork bun, Cantonese style)?