Thursday, February 16, 2012

The China Navy is here to stay

This new about the China navy is training for future Gulf of Aden deployments should come as no surprise, after all they are working on a plan to use Seychelles as their supply "place" in that region.

PLA Navy opens first training class for escort mission

(Source: PLA Daily) 2012-02-15

To further promote the smooth implementation of escort missions in the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somali coast, the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) started the first training class for the escort mission at the Naval Command College (NCC) on Feb. 13, 2012.

This training class will last for 14 days. 84 persons from the leading organs of the PLA Navy, the 12th and 13th naval escort taskforces, the North China Sea Fleet and the NCC attend the training class.

The training class will exert effort to improve the capability of the naval commanders at all levels, the frontline commanders in particular, in executing the oceangoing diversified military tasks by ways of theory lecture, experience exchange in groups, concentrated study and discussion as well as commanding drill.

By Shen Shu and Qin Ruoyun

Editor:Zhang Qingxia

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Camden Boy said...

Good heavens, is that PLA soldier sporting a US style NVG mount on his camo covered helmet?? That's the first i've seen of this type of fixture actually deployed with a field unit. I suppose these boarding teams would need them. Shame that the PLA can only afford to have 1 in 7 men have a NVG!