Sunday, February 26, 2012

A fistful of J-10s

In the past few days, Chinese forumers are busy speculating which operational unit is getting a J-10 upgrade from photos J-10s undergo final flight evel out of Chengdu. Also noted is that this latest batch of J-10 features two J-10s twin-seaters, a SOP for any new J-10 Regiment.

Also featured is J-20 flying around in circles, something no one seems to care anymore



terrorhunter said...

I think there are actually 4 J-10S. If you looks carefully at the canopies only the very last J-10 is a J-10A

Cocidius said...

Taking a close look at all the photos of new J-10's, they appear to be flying with WS-10A/B engines?

If these are truly production J-10's at least some of the regiments receiving new aircraft will be flying on totally Chinese engines.

Interesting development....

cats2ndlife said...

The J-10S next to the J-10A does appear to have an WS-10 installed. Would be interesting to get a number of how many and how the WS-10 series are being used at the moment. It's been a long overdue for the Chinese to have a decent indigenous turbofan engine.