Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Another 2 photos of China's improved 8x8 wheeled IFV

Could be a 30mm IFV variant

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Detail CGI rendering of the new Chinese 8x8 wheeled Assault Gun

What do we know so far:
  • It uses the same long barrel variant of the ZTP-94 105mm tank gun and autoloader just like the new Type 15 light MBT
  • The chassis is an improved ZBL-08 with a rear ram and big vision block for the driver's hatch
  • Remote controlled turret with minimum hulk penetration
  • Remote weapon station for the 12.7mm HMG
  • Odd layout of its smoke grenade launchers with 6x on the right and 4x on the left
  • Laser warning receivers and digital camera all around
   New finds:
  • There will be a IFV version with a smaller remote control turret; assuming 30mm autocanon and HJ-11 or HJ-12 ATGM launch tubes
  • The new TC panoramic sight features thermal imaging sight, laser range finder and external stabilization.
  • The bolt-on armor plates are compose of HHS, ceramic and polymer+RHA backing. It's capable of stopping 40mm caliber autocanon. Optional ERA.
  • The most interesting is the hatch opening behind the TC panoramic. 
    • My take on it: 
    • It's fairly small so it's not for quick entrance or exist. It's a pass-through design.  
    • It look heavy, so it probably has a mechanical opening system
    • So, it's likely just made for letting the commander stand up and out of the top of the turret. Which it seems like a lot of wasted space.    

Friday, May 22, 2020

The new improved 105mm wheeled assault gun/Wheeled IFV family spotted again

Based on the same ZTL11 8x8  chassis with improved armor protection and a new a new turret to boot.

Photo Source (here)

Command variant?
 IFV/APC variant
 The 105mm assault gun variant

Your standard PTL-11 assault gun and ZBL08 IFV currently in service

Sunday, February 10, 2019

An improved 105mm wheeled assault gun under winter trails at Baicheng Weapon Test Center

Judging by the limited screen captures below, this new 8x8 ZBL08 based assault gun is featuring a new turret, claims to be remote controlled + auto loader, a new RWS on top to sum of a total of 11 automated systems/functions.    Basic armor is also getting an upgrade.

 Baicheng Weapon Test Center

 The in-service 8x8 ZBL08 based assault gun variant

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Computer render of the new Chinese 8x8 assault gun/tank destroyer

Computer render of the new 8x8 assault gun/tank destroyer. We already know this has a remote turret featuring the 105mm tank gun and auto loader from the Type 15 light tank. This shows the addition of the commander's panoramic sight from the VN17 infantry fighting vehicle, which is also based on the Type 15 light tank, and finally, remote weapon station for the 50 cal HMG, which looks like the one from the VT-4 MBT.

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