Saturday, June 27, 2020

Orbat update: 7th Heavy Armor Combined-Arms Brigade, 82nd Group Army

Update and  photo credit go to Andrew KC

As part of the 2016 reorg, 7th Armored Brigade, 27th GA, became the 7th Combined-Arms Brigade, 82nd Group Army.  Recently it changed its title to 7th Heavy Armor Combined-Arms Brigade, after an injection of newer and heavier equipment. 

Its four Heavy Armor Combined-Arms battalions are equipped with:

- PPZ10 120mm SPM

Air Defense Battalion (7xxx):

- PGZ09 35mm SPAAA
- HQ-17 SAM
- PGZ04A 25mm SPAAA

Artillery Battalion (6xxx)

- PLZ07A 122mm SPH
- PLZ89 122mm SPH
- PHZ11 122 SPMRL

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