Sunday, June 07, 2020

Detail CGI rendering of the new Chinese 8x8 wheeled Assault Gun

What do we know so far:
  • It uses the same long barrel variant of the ZTP-94 105mm tank gun and autoloader just like the new Type 15 light MBT
  • The chassis is an improved ZBL-08 with a rear ram and big vision block for the driver's hatch
  • Remote controlled turret with minimum hulk penetration
  • Remote weapon station for the 12.7mm HMG
  • Odd layout of its smoke grenade launchers with 6x on the right and 4x on the left
  • Laser warning receivers and digital camera all around
   New finds:
  • There will be a IFV version with a smaller remote control turret; assuming 30mm autocanon and HJ-11 or HJ-12 ATGM launch tubes
  • The new TC panoramic sight features thermal imaging sight, laser range finder and external stabilization.
  • The bolt-on armor plates are compose of HHS, ceramic and polymer+RHA backing. It's capable of stopping 40mm caliber autocanon. Optional ERA.
  • The most interesting is the hatch opening behind the TC panoramic. 
    • My take on it: 
    • It's fairly small so it's not for quick entrance or exist. It's a pass-through design.  
    • It look heavy, so it probably has a mechanical opening system
    • So, it's likely just made for letting the commander stand up and out of the top of the turret. Which it seems like a lot of wasted space.    

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