Saturday, September 03, 2011

Photos of the day: USS Boxer in HongKong

Such firepower; perhaps it is a gentle reminder to the PLAN that they still have a long way to go regarding naval power projection.


Unknown said...

The old Chinese saying of "Starved-dead camel is still bigger than a horse" seemed proper here. Even with a slowing economy or stalling of developement, U.S. Navy would still be overwhelming to the PLAN in next few decades. Like how we don't prefer to be stung by hornets, PLAN and her new additions are just that stingers. It is terrifying to note the overbearing capacity available to the US at moments notice.

Howrah said...

China is too far behind in surface ship warfare. China is doing the right thing by concentrating on development of more sophisticated subs and sub-launched weapons. And launching more command/control satellites and GPS satellites to guide UAVs and sub-launched weapons.