Sunday, November 06, 2011

Photo of the day: FC-1/JF-17 with YJ83K ASM

JF-17's anti-ship role is not news per se, but it is good to have a photo confirmation. 


Mjaawad said...

Is it YJ83K ASM or C-802A?

What are the differences between the two?

Qasim said...

@Qamar the C-802A is based on the older YJ-82 series. It's newer variants are still an effective anti-ship missile.

But the YJ-83, on which the more advanced C-803 anti-ship missile is based, is the next-gen successor to the C-802/YJ-82.

For the JF-17, being integrated with the more advanced C-803/YJ-83K means the aircraft is deadlier in the anti-ship role.

Valbonne said...

I thought China is not using JF17 at all.

I wonder whether China have solved the WS 13 Engine as a fully fledged turbofan engine or has become fully operational engine?

Hopefully, you can enlighten us.

Mjaawad said...

Qasim i know about the fact that C-802A is an improved version of C-802 and Chinese have also developed YJ83/C-803

This was the basic reason i asked the question

PAF has openly displayed C-802A not YJ-83 with JF-17 Thunder but the article mentions YJ-83, Why?

And i was asking bout the physical differences between the two missiles?

C-802A with 180 kilometers range is sufficiently long range for the JF-17 Thunder especially when considering the AM-39 and Mirage V combo it will be replacing