Saturday, February 04, 2017

40th Light Combined-Arms Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 14th Group Army, Southern Theater Command

From Andrew KC:

2017.1 Update: The 40th Light Combined-Arms Mechanized Infantry Brigade (轻型合成步兵旅) has gotten rid of tanks, and now has a 8x8 orbat::

 4 Combined-Arms Infantry Battalions (合成步兵营)

1 Artillery Battalion (炮兵营),
1 Air-Defense Battalion (防空营),
1 Combat Support Battalion (作战支援营),
1 Logistics Support Battalion (保障营).

The Artillery Battalion apparently has 3 companies of PCL09 truck-mounted 122-mm howitzers and 1 company of modular PHL10 122-mm MRL.  The Air-Defense Battalion apparently has 1 company of HQ-7B SAM (3 launch vehicles) and 1 company of HN-6 Manpads (12 launchers on 6 IVECO light trucks)

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