Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Two Kamov Ka-31 naval airborne early warning helicopters spotted.

Judging from their pennant numbers, they are organic to the 4th Naval Independent Aviation Regiment where the earlier Ka-27 imports are.

Photo credit goes to cjdby

Russian Navy's Ka-31 fanning its AEW radar.

Funny, they don't look anything like the ASW variant reported last year.

Russia Starts Ka-28 ASW Helicopter Deliveries to Chinese Navy

13:48 GMT, October 9, 2009 Moscow | Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, JSC, part of the industrial holding managed by Russian Helicopters, has produced the first shipment of the anti-submarine Ka-28 for The Republic of China Navy. The helicopters were ordered by Rosoboronexport. The first three of nine helicopters are completing tests.

“The first shipment of the Ka-28 to China is a small but confident step in the broadening cooperation with our Chinese partners. Today and in the future the Russian helicopter industry is ready to provide any modern rotorcraft for navy and army forces of most countries, including our partners in China,” CEO Russian Helicopters Andrei Shibitov stated.

Sergey Mikrukov, Managing Director, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, adds: “There is a stable upward trend in global demand for Russian helicopters. Our Enterprise is ready to satisfy the needs of our partners in Asia, the Middle East, South America, and on other markets both in midsize (Ka-28, Ka-32) and light (Ka-226T) helicopters.”

The Ka-28 is the export variant of the Ka-27 ASW helicopter. It is fitted with high-altitude TV3-117VMAR turboshaft engines with increased nominal and cruise performance. In the search role it is equipped with radio sonobuoys, and in the search and attack role – with anti-sub bombs and torpedoes (including the high-speed homing APR-2E Orlan).

The Chinese Navy already acquired eight Ka-28s in 1998 (five ASW and three search & rescue) equipped with the cutting-edge Izumrud search system. The ASW Ka-28s were based on two Sovremenny class destroyers purchased from Russia, and Luhai class destroyers. The helicopters also assisted in targeting the on-board supersonic anti-ship SS-N-22 Sunburn missiles.

By 2000 the Kumertau Enterprise has built 33 Ka-28 helicopters for customers from China, India, Vietnam, Syria, Yugoslavia, and Cuba.


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