Thursday, December 02, 2010

Type 056 Light Corvette.

A model of the new Type 056 Light Corvette was presented to Hong Kong University by the deputy commander of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison, Major General Wang Junli (here) on November 4th 2010. Since then, it was speculated that this 1500 ton corvette could be the possible replacement of the Jianghu class workhorse. This could be credible since the two leading Chinese naval affairs magazines covered the Type056 in their current issues.

Chinese shipyards are capable of building such a corvette -- it bears a resemblance to the Thai Navy's Pattani-class OPV which China exported in 2006. The Type 056 would up-gun the Thai OPV with four YJ-3/C803 ASM and a FL-3000N RAM launcher aft.

In the meanwhile, old Jianghu soldiers on.

Thail Navy's Pattani-class OPV, build in Shanghai in 2006


Jimmy said...

4 ASMs are a bit anemic. how about strapping 4 more to the sides of the main gun turret?

duskylim said...

For such a light vessel, 4 AShM's are more than adequate, however I for one would rather have more long-range ASW-weapons like the proposed CY-1 - giving her better all-around capabilities.

Attaching 4 more 750+ kg YJ-82's would add more than 3 tons to the turret, severely affecting its' balance and performance.

The design seems to leave the roof deck above the bridge under-utilized, one would hope for it to have more fire-control radars or even chaff/decoy launchers.

Coatepeque said...

It is an OPV, not a FFG/DDG. Can't expect it to lead a fight against other warships.