Saturday, January 25, 2014

China Coast Guard Communission of the day: Coast Guard 2401.

China coast guard receives new vessel
Xinhua | 2014-1-23 18:13:44

 A new law enforcement ship was commissioned for the China Coast Guard (CCG) East China Sea fleet on Thursday.

The CCG-2401, with displacement of 4,000 tonnes, is a multi-functional vessel equipped with advanced law enforcement facilities, the State Oceanic Administration said in a statement.

It is capable of completing marine law enforcement tasks and will play an important role in reinforcing China's administration of waters under its sovereignty, the administration said.

The ship is the second new CCG vessel of its size this month. On Jan. 10, the CCG-3401 was commissioned for the CCG South China Sea fleet.



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chinese Maritime Surveillance (CMS) to commission 36 cutters in 3 years.

Chinese Maritime Surveillance (CMS) to commission 36 new cutters from 2010 to 2012 including seven 1500 ton class, fifteen 1000 ton class and fourteen 600 ton class "to better protect China's maritime interests".

Not sure what is the urgency but it sure helps to have a strong domestic shipbuilding industry  to handle bursting demands.  

中国明年完工36艘海监船 将极大提升海上维权实力
20120510 05:41 来源:中国日报网

  (记者:王倩 编辑:陈璐)

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