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Photos of the day: Keeping search alive

Chinese Navy faces 3 difficulties in searching contact-losing plane

(Source: China Military Online)   2014-03-14

  BEIJING, March 14 (ChinaMil) -- The warships of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAN) participating in the search of the contact-losing plane of the Malaysia Airlines are conducting 24-hour non-stop trawling search as planned, though nothing valuable about the suspicious target has been found so far, according to the statement made by Duan Zhaoxian, leader of the special task commanding team for the search of the contact-losing plane of the Malaysia Airlines, on the afternoon of March 14.

  According to the briefing made by Duan Zhaoxian, the PLAN is currently adopting a basic method which organizes the aerial, sea surface, and underwater vertical search. The maritime area searched yesterday accounted for 16,000 square kilometers while the search today pushes toward the northwest for another 4,000 square kilometers. Together with the areas already searched by the rescue forces which arrived two days earlier, the total area searched is close to 34,000 square kilometers.

  Duan Zhaoxian stated that there are currently 3 difficulties that the search operation is faced with:

  A. Due to the inaccuracy of the previously reported identification points, the search operation organized currently is short of the references and targets which should have been provided.

  B. Due to overly provided and exaggerated message through various channels, the determination of the policy as well as the adjustment of plans are greatly influenced in rescue operation.

  C. The large number of warships and aircraft from various sources in the maritime area has restrained search actions to some degree.

  In view of these difficulties and problems, the PLAN will further strengthen the coordination with the China Maritime Search and Rescue Center, making in-depth study and discussion for the next move.

  It is learned that prior to the outcome of a newly adjusted search plan, the search forces of the PLAN will continue to extend the search toward the northwest in accordance with the currents of the Gulf of Thailand.

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