Monday, April 06, 2020

Hi-res photos of the day: Clear pictures of VLS at work from a Type 052D destroyer

Note the new "cold + hot launch" VLS system at work here:

-- The HHQ-9B SAM is "cold launching" where the missile ignites only after clearing the launch tube (first pic).  It is ejected out of the tube via an ejection system.

-- The YJ-18 SSM is "hot launching" by igniting its own motor inside of the launch tube (second pic).  This hot launching system can launch a missile without the aid of an ejection system as the case of the HHQ-9B


jason toms said...

Hot & cold launch from the same VLS is quite an engineering achievement.

Steven Liu said...

But why the added complexity? Simpler system = cheap and robust system.

Coatepeque said...

SAM VLS and SSM VLS have different requirments