Friday, April 24, 2020

Orbat update: 76th, LX21, Artillery Brigade, 76th Group Army, Western Theater Command

As late as June 2018, the 76th, LX21, Artillery Brigade was still soldiering on with the old Type66 152mm Howitzer, PHZ89 122mm Multiple Rocket Launcher and PTZ89 120mm SPATG.   Fast forward to April 2020,  this Artillery Brigade is now equipped with PLA's current standard long-range MRL, the PHL-03.

Together with the upgraded 62nd, LX14, Heavy Combined-Arms Brigade and the 17th, LX12, Heavy Combined-Arms Brigade,  the 76th Group Army is now better equipped then her sister the 77th Group Army, Western Theater Command

The PLZ-05 155mm SPH commissioned with the LX21 on March 2016

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