Friday, January 28, 2011

Homeland Security Rocket.

According to the website "" Thailand's Defense Technology Institute's Homeland Security Rocket Project has been commissioned with the 711st artillery battalion, Royal Thai Army.

This marks a second the 2nd export adoption of the WS-1 long-range rocket system by the China National Precision Machinery Corporation (CPMIEC). The 302mm WS-1 Multiple Rocket System has a range up to 180km and able to carry a number warheads, including 475 SZB-1 sub-munitions (500 bullets per submunition), ZDB-2B HE Fragmentation, YDB-1 Fuel Air explosive and 24,000 incendiary pellets. WS-2, the next generation of the WS family rockets, has a range of 350km, with no foreign adoption thus far.

Turkey manufactures the WS-1 MRL under license as the T-300 Kasirga with the first delivery date of 1998.

Turkey's WS-1 Based T-300 Kasirga system

Homeland Security Rocket of the United States. 

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