Tuesday, January 18, 2011

J-8II 21107 Down.

According to the Chinese media 南方日报 Southern Daily (here) a jet crashed during landing. Eyewitness confirmed it is a J-8II(serial number 21107) of the PLAAF 8th Air Division. The pilot ejected safely, no other injuries reported.


Camden Boy said...

9th Div surely? 2XX0X: 20-11=9 according to the well established PLAAF numbering system. X11X7: 117 means it belongs to the 3rd regt of the 9th Div, so 27th Regt. Which is interesting as they were previously thought to have J-7s.

One Chinese paper reported 'small light aircraft have mishap on runway' hehehehehe

Unknown said...

Crashes are an inherent part of the reality of flying. Very few people are uninjured after ejecting, I hope the pilot makes a full and speedy recovery.

Mike said...

The funny/sad thing is some people are cheering this crash since it's an old J-8II and it's made by Shenyang =P seems like Chengdu is gettin' all the love over there right now!