Saturday, January 22, 2011

JL-9 Plateau Eagle

The debate between JL-9 vs JL-15 for PLAN’s next generation of lead-in fighter training appears to be over -- the PLAN has chosen the less expensive option, at least for now.


duskylim said...

The last incarnation of the J-7 series, the JL-9 will cover the LIFT needs of both the PLAN and PLAAF for one more generation.

For me, this is not too surprising as both organizations have very large investments in maintenance and training infrastructure for the J-7 in place, something that would have to be re-created for the JL-15.

Even though the PLA's budget is getting bigger, there is really no good reason yet to spend a lot of money on the JL-15, maybe they will acquire some for the CFTE, but on the whole the LIFT job can be done by the JL-9.

This is especially true if Guizhou incorporates some more technologies from Chengdu, like auto-manuevering slats/flaps, DSI's, and maybe a better engine (WP-14?).

Note that it has already done so by copying the double-delta wing - why stop there?

Rumor has it that the WP-14 project is dead, although the reasons given are not clear.

I personally believe that as it is a turbo-jet engine rather than a turbo-fan, the reasons for it's demise have much to do with the retirement of the airframes for which it was developed.

That is, the fact that the J-7, J-8II (C,D,F,R etc) are no longer being ordered by the PLAAF or PLAN, so there is no good reason to expend resources on this engine's (WP-14) development.

Although Guizhou may have plans to export a version of the JL-9 as an ultra-low cost, single-seat fighter, that future may now be in doubt - which is a pity really.

Steven said...

Indeed Duskylim is correct, without the WS-12 or WP-14 projects the JL-9s potential for growth and improvement could possibly be put into jeopardy. Are we to expect Shenyang Liming to continually make more WP-13Fs for at the very least, the next decade just for the JL-9 (as J-7 and J-8 regiments are retired)?

I do think there is still room for structural improvements that have already been listed to improve the performance the JL-9, perhaps even a proper FBW system eventually? The JL-9's development was very quick and now that the JL-9 has 'beaten' the L-15 (we will probably see the L-15 enter PLA service eventually in some form or another) hopefully Guizhou will use this momentum to continually maker improvements to the JL-9..... just as how continually improvements to the MiG-21 led to t he JL-9 in the first place.

MoinSaddiq said...

More details about the J 20 and JXX here

HMS said...

At first i was like "you've got to be kidding me."

But then given the benefit of shared infrastructure, i guess it makes sense to opt out the radically new airframe/JL-15 for trainer.