Sunday, February 13, 2011

At dawn we slept II -- Huangpu, East Sea Fleet.


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duskylim said...

Some of the most intriguing pictures are those of the old Nos. 113 and 114 Destroyers.

They have been stripped of all weapons and sensor systems and only the worker's scaffolding are visible.

I have a feeling that even the piping,interior wiring and electronics have been removed.

Of course the question is - What will become of them?

The PLAN has retained some of the even older Jianghu class frigates and Luda class destroyers whose hulls still have some life in them.

By that comparison, these two vessels are veritable youngsters.

Of course they now displace less than the newer-build 054A class frigates and their hull forms are non-stealthy and dated.

I believe that the PLAN will refurbish them into destroyer leaders of the older-refurbished classes.