Saturday, February 12, 2011

WZ551/Type 92 IFV in Southern Sudan (UNAMID)

WZ551/Type92 IFV seems to be a common sign in Southern Sudan.  In addition to serving with the PLA UN Engineering Battalion as part the UNAMID,  it is also serving with the Zambians peacekeepers in the same region.  

Zambian Peacekeepers with their WZ551

Members of the PLA UN Engineering Battalion fighting alongside with their follow Pakistani peacekeepers.

Engineers from the 127th Light Mech Infantry Division, 54th Group Army, Jinan Military Region in Sudan.

Four WZ551s were recently procured by the Argentinian Army (Mechanized Infantry Regiment 12 RI Mec 12) to serve their UN operations.
In 2008 the Joint Chiefs acquired four armored vehicles Norinco WMZ-551B1. They were purchased by international public tender No. 18/2008 at a price of $ 2.6 million. The contract includes training, 12 months warranty, spare parts, insurance and freight. Norinco was the only bidder for this tender. (here)

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