Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The PLA 5th LH Regiment

The 5th LH regiments seems to have its hands full recently -- in addition to being the first operator of the WZ-10 attack helicopter, it takes on 6 new Z-8F choppers to boost its transport capability.

 WZ-10 of the 5th.


Unknown said...

It looks very much like the Mangusta and Tiger Attack Helos.

Why is that? Reverse engineering?

Coatepeque said...

No not really,

Quote from Janes.

Eurocopter France became partner in programme 15 May 1997 with USD70 million to USD80 million, nine-year contract to assist in developing rotor system; joined 22 March 1999 by Agusta (now AgustaWestland) with contract (approximately Lit50 billion; USD30 million) to be responsible for transmission system and vibration analysis