Sunday, February 06, 2011

JiangHu V Class FFG, Two-Point-O.

Recent pictures reveal that several upgrades have been completed on the last batch of Type 053H1G FFG (also known as Jianghu V class) that entered service in the 1990s with the South Sea Fleet. Those upgrades are suggesting that all six Jianghu V class FFGs will remain in service with the PLAN for the foreseeable future.

The latest improvements include new air-search and fire-control radars, new twin 100mm main gun turrets to replace the old models, the addition of 37mm CIWS mounts, and the replacement of Silkworms with YJ-83 anti-ship missiles.

The reasoning behind the latest upgrade of a rather obsolete class of frigates has been the subject of speculation on CDF. Some suggest that recent upgrades signify the immaturity of newer vessels' design, while others argue that even though the 053 is obsolete, it remains a cost-effective and potent platform against weaker potential rivals in the South China Sea. This author is highly skeptical of the "technology immaturity" speculation; the rapid pace of 054A construction should have erased any doubt by now about the "maturity" of the PLAN's new generation of FFGs. The latter speculation is a far more likely possibility. The commitment of modern surface combatants to the Gulf of Aden and the uptick in regional maritime disputes has increased the necessity for a stop-gap measure for effective littoral patrol until the new Type 056 corvettes enter service. *

-- Mr. Unknown
* With special thanks to duskylim 

* FFG558 Zigong pre-upgrade
* FFG558 Zigong post-upgrade
* FFG559 Beihai pre-upgrade
* FFG559 Beihai post-upgrade
* FFG560 Dongguan pre-upgrade
* FFG560 Dongguan post-upgrade
* FFG561 Shantou pre-upgrade
* FFG561 Shantou post-upgrade
* FFG562 Jiangmen pre-upgrade
* FFG562 Jiangmen post-upgrade
  * FFG563 Foshan pre-upgrade
* FFG563 Foshan post-upgrade


duskylim said...

Dear Sir:

You are most welcome.

And thanks for posting the pre- and post- pictures of the Jianghu V FFG's they are much appreciated.

The pictures reveal that the refit and modernization of the JiangHu's is far more extensive and comprehensive than can be surmised by looking at the outsides.

The ships passageways and fittings have been renewed, the electronics, fire-control and sensor displays are modern.

The old funnels and smokestacks have been extensively modified, I suppose that the diesel engines have also been upgraded.

The frigate's small hull is dominated by two twin 100 mm DP gun turrets mounted fore and aft, even more so than the dual quad launch boxes for the YJ-82 missiles.

There are 4 twin 37 mm CIWS turrets mounted on platforms immediately above and behind the main guns along with the associated fire-control radars.

Just in front of the forward 100 mm gun turret are a pair of anti-submarine rocket launchers - the only ASW equipment visible - I studied the other pictures carefully in the hope of finding the ubiquitous triple ASW torpedo launchers but could find any.

The vessel has strong ASuW capability but limited self-defense against missiles similar to it's own.

It has only the most rudimentary ASW or AAW capabilities.

These ships could only operate in friendly waters close to the Chinese coast - dominated by PLAAF or PLAN airpower, and will require escorting by more capable units with comprehensive AAW and ASW for patrols and operations farther afield.

MoinSaddiq said...

Excellent information.

Greetings from Pakistan

Abu Ikhwan said...

Good efforts still not good enough. Jianghu V needs better CIWS taht fitted on latest local FFG and landing pad.