Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An update on the proposed patrol craft sales to Bangladesh

According to Israyet of BMF, the new craft will have the following specs.

New missile craft of 600 ton displacement

- Pakistan Navy is to procure two built in China and a third built in Pakistan (PN calls it a corvette)
- Bangladesh Navy has ordered two to be built in China, while 5 of 250 ton displacement are being built in Bangladesh Navy's own dockyard (BN calls it a large missile craft)


1 x Chinese AK-176M 76.2 mm, 4 x 2 C-802A anti-ship missiles, 2 x 6-cell RDC-32 ASW rocket launchers, 2 x CIWS.
Artist's impression.

Blog entry from April 12th, 2010.

China set to build for Bangladesh large patrol craft with modern missiles


DHAKA, Apr 11 (APP): Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Sunday unveiled her government’s massive plan to build Bangladesh Navy as a “deterrent force” by incorporating naval bases and submarine facilities by 2019 towards building a three-dimensional naval force by 2021.

In this connection, she pointed to precious Chinese assistance and said China will build for Bangladesh a large patrol craft (LPC) with two modern missiles. She said, the Chinese government has agreed to provide two modern frigates to Bangladesh Navy with helicopters. She expressed the hope that the new frigates would be incorporated in the Bangladesh Navy fleet soon.

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