Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Let Free Market Ring!

China Opens Military Procurement to Civil Bidders

June 08, 2011

China Opens Military Procurement to Civil Bidders | East Asia and Pacific | English

Chinese state media say the government has for the first time published a list of companies that are authorized to supply military equipment.

The official Xinhua news agency said Wednesday that 1,600 suppliers are named on the list, which is being made public as part of a reform of the military procurement process.

The agency quotes an unidentified government source saying the reforms are aimed at introducing competition among suppliers and allowing civil manufacturers to bid for contracts. About 900 of the 1,600 companies on the list are civil manufacturers.

Xinhua says President Hu Jintao has been seeking the changes as part of a broader reform of the government's procurement process. It quotes the government source saying the changes should improve the overall quality of the military's equipment.


USSHelm said...

Has it occurred to anyone that the PRC is a communist state and everything is owned by the state, including ALL Chinese companies. Thus, the PRC is not becoming more capitalistic they are just saying this to win more support in the West.

Christian Brotherhood said...


You need to get more sleep or information or both. Not all companies are owned by the state. In fact, China has the second largest Billinaires, after US of A. Some of the well known firms in China are private-owned.