Friday, June 10, 2011

Yup, JL-9H Carrier Trainer.

 And a new DSI ((Divertless Supersonic Intake) intake to boot!

Artist impression


Steven said...

Guizhou just needs to get over it and give the JL9 FBW and turn it into a fighter, a DSI bump for a trainer aircraft seems well beyond what would be satisfactory! Congrats to Guizhou though for never settling and always looking for ways to improve their aircraft!

Steven said...

Those look a lot like CFT on the JL9H....

duskylim said...

Sorry but I could not make out any DSI bump on the intakes, the pictures are too blurred to be sure.

It would be a nice addition though.

From the side aspect there seems to be the suggestion of a CFT like Steven said as it catches the sunlight, but it seems to be absent from the forward aspect.

What I can confirm is the presence of leading edge slats, which were deployed during landing along with trailing edge flaps.

According to Huitong, the JL-9 does not have the auto-maneuvering leading-edge slats like its' CAC J-7E/G counterparts.

If the new slats are indeed the auto-maneuvering type then Guizhou is to be congratulated on this improvement another step perhaps towards FBW.

Pity the WP-14 was cancelled as this would make a formidable engine for a single-seat version of this trainer.

Such an aircraft would be the lowest end and cheapest fighter out of China.