Sunday, June 12, 2011

PLA's new engineering equipments on display

PLA Engineer Command College holds 1st cross-regional combined joint-training exercise

(Source: Xinhua) 2011-06-02

The Engineer Command College of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) organized a cross-regional combined joint-training exercise coded as "Vanguard 2011” on June 1 in the Queshan Combined Tactical Training Base of the Jinan Theater. This is the first cross-regional teaching-oriented exercise by mixing graduating cadets of this year, combat troops, reserve troops, research units and the combined tactical training base.

The participating troops involved nearly 2,000 people, including the graduating cadets majored in intermediate/junior command from the PLA Engineer Command College, a camouflage regiment under the PLA General Staff Headquarters (GSH), an engineer regiment of a group army of the PLA Nanjing Military Area Command (MAC), an engineer research institute under the GSH of the PLA, and reserve officers of the rotated training. The exercise employed 600-plus sets of large engineering equipment and devices. Taking joint mountain attack operation under information-based conditions as the background, this exercise highlighted such engineer subjects as road and bridge rush repair, field command post and helicopter landing field construction, artillery and air defense position camouflage, field water supply station creation, and sabotage of important objectives in enemy’s rear, meanwhile drilled on how to assist local government in the implementation of tasks such as disaster relief, counter-terrorism and explosive removal in military operations other than war, and carried out combat operation tests on 22 new types of large equipment including new field electronic protection shelter, contaminated road cleaning vehicle, armored barrier-breaking vehicle and rocket mine-laying system.

The aim of the "Vanguard 2011” exercise is to find out problems in joint-training and jointly explore a new combat power generation mode.

By Li Yun and Zheng Wenhao


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