Monday, December 18, 2017

Qatar displays its Chinese BP-12A GPS guided rocket during its Dec 15, 2017 National Day Parade

Here are screen captures from the youtube vid above

The BP12A is a theater-level SSM, organic to corp/army HQ.  It's primary missions are precision strikes against important operational-depth targets such as command centers, airports, missile launches, rocket and long-range artillery batteries, communications centers, force buildup areas, logistics replenishment bases and transportation junctions.  Well,  that's is how the Chinese envisions it, not sure the Qatar Armed Forces would subscribe to the same doctrine for the BP12A under her command. 

My old blog post from 7 years ago.

Monday, November 15, 2010

BP-12A long-range, GPS guided rocket, on display at China Air Show 2010.

This new BP-12A VLS rocket system has a module warhead design that can fit different munitions in accordance to different mission profiles. Its SY400 based motor propels it to a range up to 400 KM, making it one of the longest, non-Ballistic, rockets available today.

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