Friday, September 17, 2010

PLA honor guard in Mexico

Chinese military open to more int'l cooperation: senior officer
15:41, September 15, 2010

China's armed forces are ready to expand communication and cooperation with their counterparts worldwide in order to promote global peace, a senior officer said in Mexico City Tuesday.

International military exchanges are helpful to enhance mutual understanding and peace awareness among all the troops across the globe and thus to advance world peace, Zeng Wenyong, an officer with the Chinese Defense Ministry, said.

The colonel made the remarks as a 34-member honor guard unit from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) was preparing along with their peers from 15 other countries for a military parade in the Mexican capital on Thursday to mark the 200th anniversary of Mexico's independence.

"It is a good chance for the Chinese soldiers to take part in such an activity. It serves as a platform for all the participating forces to communicate with each other closely and, by doing so, consolidate their unity in the common pursuit of peace," Zeng told Xinhua.

Since China adopted the opening-up policy 30 years ago, the PLA has steadily stepped up its communication and cooperation with foreign armed forces.

Recent years have seen the PLA send 10,000 persons annually to participate in international peace-keeping, medical aid and other missions, which reflects the Chinese military's increasing openness, Zeng said.

Commenting on the ongoing visit, the Chinese officer praised the profound friendship between China and Mexico, and noted that this is the first time for the PLA Guard of Honor to participate in such events.

The Chinese ceremonial unit will convey the best wishes of the Chinese people to the Mexican people by staging a high-level performance on the grand occasion, Zeng said.


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