Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chinese military headline generator.

"Look out! China's got drones…..Forget about China's first aircraft carrier, the U.S. military has a whole new reason to be scared." wrote today's GlobalPost (Here)

After seeing yet another alarmist article by people with only a passing interest, I have been contemplating about writing a small computer program that can cut-and-paste keywords on the Chinese military development.

Forget about China’s anti-satellite test, China got anti ship ballistic missile.
Forget about China’s anti ship ballistic missile, China got J-20 stealth fighter.
Forget about China’s J-20 stealth fighter, China got an aircraft carrier
Forget about China’s drones, China got Tie-fighters.
Forget about China’s Tie-Fighters, China got Star Destroyers
Forget about China’s Star Destroyers, China got Death Star.

Poor J-20, you were media's darling only 6 months ago and now you are completely forgotten. What happened?


willytan1 said...

We should have a vote on the most likely date that China will launch a devastating attack on Pearl Harbour.

Zshu said...


willytan1 said...

Of course China will never attack Pearl Harbour and neither will the USA attack China. China and the USA will never fight because both have enough nuclear weapons to destroy each other completely if there was a war.
I was just trying to stir up the redneck stew and get it nice and hot.