Saturday, June 23, 2012

Can't sell? Donate

MINSK, 20 June (BelTA) – China has donated 22 lightly armored offroad vehicles to the Belarusian Army, BelTA learnt from the Defense Ministry of Belarus.

On 19 June the two sides signed the relevant document in the Defense Ministry of Belarus as part of the agreement between the Armed Forces of Belarus and the People’s Liberation Army of China. The Belarusian Army is to receive 22 lightly armored special-purpose vehicles Dongfeng Mengshi. The vehicles will be used by special-operations forces.

“Minsk residents and guests will be able to see the new vehicles at the Independence Day parade on 3 July,” the ministry said.

Thanks calimero for this news update.

From Wiki

 There are at least two Chinese automobile manufacturers building Humvee copies, possibly with the assistance of AM General. Both Humvee copies rely heavily on imported U.S.-made parts including chassis, gear box, and diesel engine. It appears that at least one company, Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM), has the full consent and cooperation of AM General. Both manufacturers claimed that they will be able to gradually increase the percentage of indigenously made content on the vehicles in the future, since the PLA is unlikely willing to accept any equipment that relies largely on foreign made parts.

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