Saturday, June 30, 2012

Video of the day: Z-9WE in action over Somalia

 As seen in this Kenyan Citizen News video (here)  two Z-9WE of the Kenyan Airforce is participating in operation Linda Nchi hunting the terror network Al-Shabaab

There are a total of four  Z-9WE light attack choppers currently in service with the Kenyan Airforce, first pair delivered in 2010, second pair in 2011.

Of course, with their "Most Honorable Son" in the White House, the Kenyan military action into Somalia will continue to enjoy US technical support. (here)

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Z-9WE Light Attack Helicopter

China Aviation Industry Corporation-owned Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co. Ltd. has revealed that the Z-9WE light attack helicopter is available for export. (here)

The Z-9WE is a militarized variant of the H425 civilian helicopter platform. The H425 was, in turn, developed as a civilian variant of the Z-9 military utility helicopter. The H425 is powered by a pair of Arriel-II turboshaft engines whereas the Z-9 is powered by domestic WZ8C engines.

The two Z-9 attack helicopters recently exported to Kenya are likely the new Z-9WE variant instead of the domestic Z-9WA. (here)

Military, civilian, what's the difference?


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